Your Own Kitchen Decor

Finding Your Own Kitchen Decor Style

Having a stylish kitchen environment doesn’t necessarily require a total knockdown and renovation. Especially, if a whole kitchen renovation isn’t pinned on your budget for the time being. Did you know that with some few touches on your kitchen walls, cabinets, and work surfaces, you could attain a total makeover befitting a home magazine? Having the right mix of kitchen accessories can go a long way in transforming your kitchen from a regular old cooking space to a ‘grandeur’ setting.  

It could be a stylish touch of the lighting, cabinet makeover, wall art, and set of stylish stools sitting in your kitchen. This article provides trustworthy kitchen decorating ideas you could use to set up your beautiful kitchen area. 

Kitchen Decor Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With 

Having your own kitchen style can be such an incredible feeling. It can make you and loved ones fall in love afresh with the cooking environment and even spur up some pretty nice appetites.  

Here are some ideas you could consider if you are struggling to find just the perfect kitchen decorating style to suit your home. 

  1. Introduce the Right Colour Scheme 

A major booster for your perfect kitchen decor is the colour choice you incorporate. Colour can transform even the most boring of kitchen surfaces and walls into a grand and stylish space.  

When adding colours, you should use the three-colour palette technique. That is,  

  • Colour 1: a fixed colour that can’t be changed, which goes on the cabinets and countertop.  
  • Colour 2: This is a neutral colour you prefer, which can go for the kitchen wall as long as it complements the fixed colour. 
  • Colour 3: a unique and bold colour. This one is entirely up to your artistic taste, it should be a colour that stands out as a statement for your vases, barstools, or cookware. 
  1. Adapt a Chalkboard Paint Theme on Your Wall

When looking for a perfect paint option for your kitchen wall, consider the chalkboard paint theme. The idea of the chalkboard paint on your wall is that it gives you the luxury to feature any artwork design on the wall.  

You could scribble menus or motivational quotes on it, anything to keep your kitchen wall less boring and always fun to look at. You could also hang written words that serve as an everyday inspiration to family and friends who find themselves in the kitchen area. 

  1. Hang a Focus Item on Your Wall

When looking to go sophisticated, you could add large and bold objects to a blank wall space. This makes the wall look full and at the same time grabs the attention of anyone in the kitchen environment.  

You could use an oversized wall clock, a large unique painting, or anything that suits your style without cramping up your wall space as well. 

  1. Decide If You Will Go for Open or Hidden Away Display Style

Now you are confident with your choice of focal wall element and colour combination. Next up in kitchen decorating, is to decide if you want an open (vintage or chic) or hidden (modern) display system. Nowadays open shelf display systems are trendy, but you could also decide to go the way of a hidden away cabinet system, with a unique twist of yours. 

An important aspect you should pay attention to is use quality accessories and the latest kitchen decor to give your kitchen a grandeur touch. 

  1. Consider Speaking to a Local Kitchen Decorating Company for Better Ideas

You do not need to beat yourself up too much if you get stuck on kitchen decor ideas. You could simply get help from a reputable kitchen decor company like Kitchen Revolution 

Kitchen decorating never got easier! With nice ideas at your disposal, you won’t find it difficult to transform your boring kitchen space into a home magazine-styled kitchen. 


When it comes to giving your home a stylish touch, the appearance of the kitchen goes a long way to finish it up. The choice of wall paint colour, cabinet style, or wall decoration items might be a lot to handle all at once.  

The kitchen area of your home shouldn’t be merely a cooking space. You can keep your loved ones inspired daily with little motivational quotes hanging off the walls of your kitchen.  

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