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7 Tips To Follow When Redesigning Your Kitchen

To achieve a kitchen space that’s functional and stylish at the same time requires a bit of proper planning. Setting up a beautiful kitchen design requires you to follow some design tips that make the job less stressful for you.  

Your kitchen is a place where you do a lot of activities such as cooking, cleaning, eating, and entertainment. This is why you should step up any boring design that already exists and make your kitchen the envy of friends and loved ones.  

If you are planning on a new kitchen decorating style or renovation, this article provides seven practical tips to guide you in doing a great job. 

  1. Measure Your Space

From the 20th century, most kitchen decorating styles have been organised around what is referred to as a work triangle. This is the geometry determined by the sink, refrigerator, and cooker. In the kitchen, most work is done among these three appliances. So when looking for a design go for one that’ll give you free access amongst them.  

When you measure your space, bear in mind the work-triangle principle- 12 and 26 feet in between. The three major layouts of the work triangle include I-shaped, U-shaped, and galley.   

So when styling your kitchen consider a design that works with the available space assigned to your kitchen. 

  1. Design the Walkways

When redesigning your kitchen, ensure that your kitchen floor plan has sufficient space between the island and cabinets. A major rule of thumb requires the paths through the kitchen to be at least 36 inches wide.  

The cooking zone aisles for a one-cook kitchen should be 42 inches wide while that of a two-cook should be 48 inches wide. When drafting your plans, ensure that you adjust the island spaces accordingly. 

  1. Direct Your Traffic Properly

Having the perfect flow of traffic in your kitchen is a plus as this prevents cramped spaces and people from bumping into each other. For a family home with children running all over the place, ensure that you keep the cooktops away from the traffic flow. 

This will prevent your kids from catching handles and spilling hot food on themselves. Also, ensure that the refrigerator is easily accessible to both passersby and those working in the kitchen environment. 

  1. Position Landing Spaces Close To Appliances

Placing landing spaces close to appliances provides a spot to drop items in the cooking process. When planning your kitchen decorating design, leave 15 inches of countertop on the sides of a refrigerator or cooktop.  

It’s also helpful to put landing spaces close to your microwave, toaster, or coffee maker. This makes your movement around the kitchen less stressful. 

  1. Consider Your Recycling Needs

When setting up your kitchen decorating design, ensure you allocate spots for recycling and waste to make sorting them easier. You could design a cabinet with different containers for plastic, glass, and metal. Another spare drawer could be used to store old papers and newspapers for recycling. 

  1. Organise Your Cooking Items Properly 

When organising your utensils, ensure that you do it in a way that’s easily accessible to you and other users. For instance, you could store your children’s plates and cups in such a way that they can easily reach for them.  

Also, the kitchen is a place where some dangerous utensils such as knives are kept. So to ensure the safety of your household, especially the kids, hang them above the countertops.  

This way you can easily reach them when you need to and it’s kept out of harm’s way. 

  1. Consider Power Outlets

When planning your kitchen decoration, ensure you set up enough power outlets in places where you use the toaster, oven, coffee maker, etc. Set up different outlets across the backsplash and island so that you have access to electricity.  

You could also design a drawer with outlets and USB ports for hidden device charging spots. 

When drawing up plans for the perfect kitchen decoration, it also helps to consult the services of a local kitchen decoration specialist. With this, you stand to get a guide on how to go about the best and trendiest design for your kitchen. 

Final Words 

Giving your kitchen the best when it comes to design and style can’t be overrated. When thinking of perfect kitchen decorating ideas, it helps to follow some given tips to aid you to make the right choices here and there.  

You might be wondering how much is too much or too little. With the help of local kitchen decoration specialists, you are sure to be guided appropriately. 


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